Chinu Das

for New Westminster City Council


"I enthusiastically endorse Chinu Das as a candidate for City Council. Chinu was a Community Schools Coordinator during my years as Principal of Lord Kelvin Community School. Chinu supported my leadership of this Inner City school in every way possible, always being sensitive to the needs of the community.

Her integrity, her consistent work ethic along with her vision of creative possibilities  always led to effective results in all her endeavours. Together we began several initiatives which led to Lord Kelvin becoming a beacon for many programs which are now in place across the city in other schools. I refer to Breakfast and Lunch programs, Artist in Residence, After School Programmes, and many other initiatives.

Chinu contributed greatly to my years of success as Principal of Lord Kelvin and I know that she will a leader in the ongoing growth and development of the City of New Westminster"

Frances Hannan 
Principal of Lord Kelvin from 2000-2006.
August 14, 2018

"I have known Chinu Das for about 12 years. I first met her when she came to speak at a immigrant settlement program at Family Services of GV in New Westminster. I found her to be intelligent and compassionate. Her words resonated with me. We met many times again on immigrant support issues as she worked with United Way and I at Elizabeth Fry. 

Chinu can and will bring both breadth and depth of thought to local issues with the ability to make a difference for New Westminster residents. 

She is informed, compassionate, dedicated and cares about New Westminster community. She will be well suited to serve on city council."

Maryam Kahlilsarbaz
Lived and worked in New Westminster for 20 years; from Iran; currently working for Elizabeth Fry in Surrey.

"My home has been in New Westminster for the past thirteen years. For the past ten years I have been an active volunteer within the community as well as Century House. I first had the opportunity to work with Chinu when we were volunteers on the City of New Westminster's Seniors Advisory Council and were on the working group of the Century House Inclusion Enhancement Project.

Chinu was able to lend her vast experience, knowledge and insight to the project having worked on the City of New Westminster's Multiculturalism Committee for many years. More recently Chinu and I as members of the Welcoming Inclusive New Westminster Council (LIP Project) are working on a project that is looking at social inclusion and diversity in New Westminster.

Chinu is always focused and result orientated and brings great expertise to any committee or project that she is working on.

I strongly feel that with all of her skills and her commitment to multiculturalism and inclusion as well as all of her community work Chinu will make an excellent councillor."

Annette Oakes
August 9, 2018

"When I learned that Chinu was running for City Council, I was thrilled. I simply can't think of anyone so well equipped to represent the people of New Westminster. Chinu is intelligent, compassionate, and has a deep understanding of the support needed to improve people's lives.

I met Chinu when working on the board of Family Place, and later on a family and adult literacy project. When Chinu speaks of advocating for children, immigrants and seniors, I know the invaluable work she has already accomplished.

Chinu was a tireless advocate for children and families at Lord Kelvin, but had influence and respect well beyond that school. She was a calm, well informed and highly respected voice of reason in the school district, and fought many a good fight
marshalling resources and understanding.

The United Way and a number of city committees were also very fortunate to benefit from Chinu's gifts. Many people are unaware of her Ph.D. in planning from UBC. Her wisdom is guided by experience, heart, and evidence-based research.

More than ever, we need people like Chinu in municipal government. She will be an amazing city councillor."

Lori Walker
Queens Park Resident and Instructor, Capilano University
August 13, 2018

"I am writing this letter in support of Chinu Das' candidacy for New Westminster City Council. Chinu is a role model of community engagement and grassroots change. She is passionate about New Westminster as her home and as a community where its citizens thrive.

Since graduating from Queen's University, I have worked at the United Nations headquarters in New York. With a background in children’s rights, human rights and community development, I currently work for Equitas – the International Centre for Human Rights Education.

I first met Chinu in 2010, in her role as a Community Impact Planner with the United Way of the Lower Mainland, while I was working to set up Equitas’ office in British Columbia. In 2015, I had the honour of stepping into Chinu’s shoes when she retired from the United Way. During that time, I was able to see first-hand Chinu’s ability to understand the systemic barriers facing members of our community, her ability to use research to guide change and the strong relationships she built in community. Everywhere I went people spoke highly of Chinu and the mentorship she provided them. Chinu was the cornerstone of the work they were doing to build strong communities for children.

Throughout the years I that I have had the privilege of knowing Chinu I have been inspired by her commitment to building stronger communities for everyone, and especially for children and their families. Chinu is guided by a strong sense of community collaboration and that by working together we can achieve long-term change. She has a deep understanding of children’s rights and how to build a community that supports our most vulnerable to thrive.

Her leadership, mentorship and friendship have changed my life and the lives of thousands of other community development workers and thus the communities we work in.

It is an honour to endorse Chinu Das for City Council in the City of New Westminster."

Angie Osachoff
Equitas – the International Centre for Human Rights Education
August 14, 2018


"I have met Chinu in 2003, while attending the Community Partners for Change, a workshop helping newcomers to integrate in the Canadian way of life. Chinu was one of the most active instructors, bringing to the class innovative ideas and a deep knowledge of the issues. It was very profitable for me and for the other attendants to listen and learn from Chinu’s ideas the ways to solve the complex integration process.

Since then, we kept in touch and met quite often, as we both volunteered for some of City’s committees and commissions, especially the Multiculturalism Committee, where we were colleagues for a few terms.

I know that Chinu’s involvement in the integration of the newcomers was very beneficial to a lot of students when she worked for the New Westminster School District as a coordinator and manager of the Multicultural Services.

Her work at United Way and her results, reflect her commitment to help the community.

Chinu has a very pleasant personality, she is soft spoken, never aggressive, always ready with a good advice. I am sure she will do a very good job as a city councillor."

Maria Marcu
Precise Arch Design
New Westminster


"I have known and admired Chinu Das for many years. I had the good fortune to work with her and have seen first-hand the kind of dedication and genuine determination she brings to issues that matter. I know Chinu to be respectful and compassionate, with a strong sense of integrity.

Chinu cares deeply about the people in her community and I know that she has been a dedicated volunteer in New Westminster for decades. She brings a wealth of experience as an educator, program manager, non-profit leader, volunteer, and parent.

As someone who was born in New Westminster and has strong family ties to that community, I trust Chinu Das to bring a caring, intelligent and thoughtful lens to decision making. She has a big heart and she knows how to get things done."

Jeff Calbick